Little Card Editor 0.54


We've been approved by Facebook. If you had logged on to Facebook before, you should log off and back on, and it probably wouldn't hurt to reload the page as well. I was just able to post a card to Facebook. Next time we'll do this more smoothly.

New features

Lots of stuff in this release of Little Card Editor.

  1. It works with Facebook in addition to Twitter. This required a re-working of the logon process and it becomes slightly more complex. If you want to use Facebook, go to the System menu, the one at the far right of the menu bar, and choose Sign on Facebook. A dialog will appear. Enter your email address and password and click Log In. That's it. Now your cards will go to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  2. People want more feedback on when the posting process is complete. So there's now an alert box that shows up above the canvas that report on the status. When it's complete the box goes away. If there's an error you get an alert dialog.

  3. There's a new Timeline menu in the menu bar that shows your 25 most recent cards. Choose an item from the menu to visit the associated page on Twitter or Facebook.

  4. New settings. In the Platforms panel you can turn off Twitter or Facebook sending. These checkboxes operate independently of whether you're logged in. You can turn off posting to Twitter, for example, without logging off Twitter.

  5. There's a new option in the Logo panel that allows you to set a bit of text next to the logo. It could be a favorite slogan. Or you could set it to the location where the picture was taken. It defaults to the URL of the Little Card Editor app, a little advertising to help people learn about this cool app.

Watch out for problems

As with all releases there may be problems, but this one was especially complex because it required jacking up the whole product and adding a second engine (the Facebook support). Please report any problems you have in a comment here.


Here are some examples of cards that I published to Facebook while testing this release.

Last built: Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 1:21 PM

By Dave Winer, Monday, July 7, 2014 at 9:14 AM. Ask not what the Internet can do for you.