Little Card Editor v0.60

New features

In the new version of Little Card Editor...

  • You can set the shadow color, shadow depth in both height and width, and shadow blur.

  • You can control horizontal and vertical alignment: left, center, right -- top, middle, bottom, all combinations.

  • The caption text and the message text can be different.

  • You can set the fill color, for images that don't fill the canvas.

  • Choose any Google Font for your headline text.

  • Best feature of it all is that the product gets no more complicated for newbies. :heart_eyes_cat:

How to

A picture named leftSidebar.gifMost of the new features are in a sidebar, which is hidden behind the "hamburger" icon in the upper left corner of the Little Card Editor home page.

Just click on the icon and all the advanced controls become visible.

  1. If you want to have the tweet text and the text over the image be different, enter the tweet text in the text box, and LCE will tweet that instead. If you leave it empty the text over the image and the tweet text will be the same. This was probably the #1 feature request, for good reason. There's no need to include hashtags and username in the text over the image, that belongs in the tweet. Now there's an easy way to do that.

  2. You can easily change the alignment of the text by clicking in the next group of radio buttons. All the controls are live, meaning the rendering of the graphic changes immediately when you click the control.

  3. Font size and line height control the size of the text and the width between each line.

  4. You can change the shadow color and the fill color. Use light shadows on dark backgrounds, and dark shadows on light backgrounds.

  5. Shadow offset determines how "deep" the shadow appears, and blur softens the shadow. The bigger the number the deeper and more soft the shadow. Again, the controls are live, so when you enter a number the rendering updates immediately.

Important changes

  1. The color popup that used to be in the lower-right corner of the canvas has moved. It's now in the sidebar, accessible through the hamburger slider in the upper-left corner of the page. It's in the group labeled Text, shadow, fill colors.

  2. There's a new command at the end of the Font popup in the lower-right command that allows you to enter the name of any Google font. Some good ones: Lobster, Indie Flower, Libre Baskerville, Pacifico, Bree Serif, Alegreya, Crafty Girls. This only works with Google's fonts, we make a call to their API to dynamically load the font. You must also spell the name correctly. Otherwise you'll probably get Arial (depending on your browser and OS). I added a link to Google Fonts in the Docs menu in LCE.


If you have questions about the new features, please ask them in a comment below.

Hope you like the new version of Little Card Editor.

Last built: Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 4:24 PM

By Dave Winer, Friday, July 18, 2014 at 7:40 PM. It's even worse than it appears.